Guineo, A Typical Colombian Food

Guineo is a typical dish made with green bananas, which is popular in some parts of Colombia, such as Santa Marta.

I think that seventy percent of the people there eat guineo at least two or three times a week.

When my mother prepares guineo, we have it for breakfast or for dinner. I really like it. I seldom have dinner; however, if I know that my mother is preparing guineo, I have dinner for sure.


When I was living in Venezuela, I seldom ate it because it was difficult to find green bananas there. I remember whenever my father found green bananas, it was like a miracle. Once he found them, he would buy a lot of them, and we didn’t stop eating them until they were gone.

None of my friends knew about guineo before eating it in my house; however, once they eat it, they like it.