Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning: 4 Tips To Keep Your Home Clean and Green

Most people use mops and cleaners to regularly clean their homes. However, cleaning every nook and corner of the house is neither easy nor feasible. There are some places, like the furnace or the railings on the window panes or carpets, that are quite difficult to clean. 

So for the places that are difficult to clean, you need to take the help of a company that offers deep cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaners Canada will make sure that your carpets are clean, dust free and free of harmful germs that can cause diseases.

Why Is It So Difficult To Clean A Carpet?


It is extremely difficult to clean a carpet because most carpets are heavy. Moreover, the surface of the carpet is such that a regular vacuum cleaner is not able to clean and remove all the dirt and dust that accumulates in the carpet.

Moreover, since people do not change carpets very frequently, any dirt or dust that remains entrapped in them stays there for a long time. And this could be a potential source of many germs that can cause diseases house. 

So it is essential to hire a professional cleaning company to make sure that carpets are free of dirt and dust. However, it is not enough to hire any company that offers to remove dirt and dust. The procedures involved in cleaning should be eco-friendly and safe. 

Also, when you have older adults, young children or pets at home, it becomes essential to use eco-friendly dirt removal techniques since the use of harmful chemicals can cause severe health complications.

Things To Do If You Want Your Carpet To Be Free Of Dirt In An Environmentally Safe Manner


Use Detergents That Can Be Extracted From Plants

The ways in which chemical detergents and plant-based detergents work are fundamentally different. Chemical detergents that contain sodium laureth sulfate or bleach can cause great harm to the environment. However, plant-based detergents use natural plant enzymes that can digest stains and grime. 

Plant-based detergents are safe when you have kids at home. Small children have a tendency to put everything inside their mouths. So if a detergent leaves contaminants on the surface that it is applied on, then a child who licks a rug washed by a toxic chemical agent can also be harmed.

Natural detergents are also less likely to cause allergic reactions in the occupants of the house. So if someone in your house is very sensitive to allergens, then a natural detergent is a good idea.

However, it is important to be cautious while buying a product that promises to be eco-friendly. Many companies use a tactic which is known as “greenwashing”. These companies try to project their products to be eco-friendly even if they are actually not. So it is essential that you read all the fine print carefully and research all the components before you make a purchase.

Try Using Baking Powder


Baking powder is a regular ingredient that can be found in most kitchens. However, not many people think of using it as an agent to clean the surface of a carpet. Baking powder is great for not only removing stains, but they are also useful in removing odors. 

Baking powder is an alkali meaning that it has a good base. So it helps dirt and grease to easily dissolve in water, and then it can be quite easily removed with a vacuum cleaner. So if someone has spilt a cup of tea or coffee on the carpet or your rug, then using a solution of baking soda can be an effective way of removing difficult stains. 

At times the surface of your rug may have a patch of rust. This happens when an old table or stool that has rusted legs is placed on the rug. However, if you remove the stool or table after many years, you can easily get rid of the rust by using a solution of baking powder.

Using a solution of baking powder is quite simple. All you have to do is mix it with some amount of water to make a slurry and then cover the surface of the rug with the slurry. After the surface has been stained for a while ( four to five hours, depending on the dirty the surface is), you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the slurry and all the dirt dissolved in it.

Baking powder is also good for removing odors. Baking powder can neutralize both acidic and basic odors and makes surfaces odor-free by bringing a neutral smell to the surface on which the baking powder is applied.

Try Using A Solution Of Lemon Juice Or Vinegar

You can use a solution of lime juice and water or some cups of vinegar to clean stains from the surface of a carpet. Both lemon juice and vinegar contain mild acids that can remove stains. However, it is not feasible to use vinegar or lemon juice for large-scale cleaning. But if there is a small spill of coffee or juice, then using vinegar or lime juice can be a quick and easy solution.

Steam Cleaning The Rugs


In steam cleaning, you have to first spray a cleaning agent on the rug and then use them to activate the cleaning agent. The steaming method not only removes dirt but also makes your rugs and carpets look as good as new.


Deep cleaning is not an easy task, and hence it is usually more expensive than regular services that remove superficial dirt and dust. However, if you use carpets at home, it is vital to remove the dirt frequently or else these surfaces can become a hub of disease-causing agents.

It is not enough to just clean the surfaces frequently; it should be done in a safe and sound manner. So before you hire a company, make sure that they use safe, natural solutions that do not cause allergic reactions or harm pets, children or older adults.