Aluminum Bottled Water vs. Plastic Bottled Water: Which Is Better?

Bottled water is available where you cannot find the tap or free source of water. When you feel thirsty, you prefer to buy packaged water in a plastic bottle and dump it after a single use. But are you doing the right thing? Do you know whether it can be recycled? Do you know whether it is safe for the environment?

To solve all such queries, aluminum bottled water is now available in the market. It is a great alternative to plastic ones. You might be wondering how these metal containers are better than lightweight plastic. The time has come when you should start using sustainable products and be concerned about nature.

Instead of buying plastic ones, you must buy aluminum bottled water and know the difference. Today, you will explore the massive differences between two different types of bottled water, i.e., plastic and aluminum. In the end, you will decide which is better.



You can buy plastic water bottles at an affordable price from any local store. But it can be used once and needs to be dumped. It is affordable, but you need to buy and spend money repeatedly. Overall, it will not be affordable. But buying an aluminum vessel may not be affordable initially, but you can refill it from the tap or free water source.

Depending on your preference, you can consider the affordability of the two options. Aluminum bottles are not available everywhere, so you need to carry yours. Compared to both options, plastic bottles are more affordable and readily available everywhere.


You may experience a metallic taste if you consume fluids through an aluminum bottle. But the taste is still the same if you prefer the plastic ones. You cannot store other beverages in a plastic container as it can spoil the taste or be unhealthy to consume.

But the taste will remain good if you go for the metal option. If you want to avoid the metallic taste, you can go with the plastic vessel.

Better Design and Size

Both plastic and aluminum bottles are available in amazing designs and different sizes. You can buy bottled water in any size and shape. Every individual has a different choice when it comes to design.

Depending on your requirements, you can buy the suitable option. Therefore, there is a tie if you compare both options related to size and design.

Temperature Control


Plastic bottles are not good enough to control the temperature, and they can also spoil the taste of beverages. If you are traveling and want to take any beverage along, you can store it in an aluminum container.

After an hour, it will taste the same. You can keep both hot and cold beverages and enjoy your drink while traveling. If you crave cold water whenever you feel thirsty, then you can refill the metal bottle every time and sip cold fluids. The temperature control feature is not available in plastic containers.


All the plastic bottles are fragile compared to the aluminum ones. If it falls from your hand, it can break or leak fluids. Sometimes, you may experience cap sealing issues as it can leak if you keep the bottle horizontally.

But it never happens with the aluminum container. The structure is quite durable, and the cap seals the mouth tightly. Even if you keep the vessel horizontally, no drops will leak, and your beverage will remain in the same condition.



Aluminum bottles are more environmentally-friendly plastic ones. It can be recycled or reused. Aluminum is an earthy element, and it never harms the environment. During the recycling process, it barely affects or pollutes nature.

If you are looking for a sustainable option, then you can rely on the metal bottle. Plastic containers cannot be recycled; hence, it is a major reason for environmental damage.

Dishwasher Safe

You can wash an aluminum bottle thoroughly by keeping it in the dishwasher. It is completely safe to use the dishwasher for deep cleaning of the container. But you cannot keep the plastic one as it will melt due to steam.

Generally, plastic bottles are used for single use, and you need to dump them after use. They can be cleaned deeply, and hence you need to throw them once you are done with them.

BPA or Other Chemicals Free


In aluminum bottles, there is no presence of chemicals, and they are completely BPA-free. But the plastic ones are quite the opposite. These containers are made of harmful chemicals, and anyone can get exposed to them while consuming water or other fluids.

Some good-quality plastic material bottles are BPA-free. But all single-use packaged water bottles contain BPA, which is quite harmful to your health.


You can reuse aluminum water bottles by refilling them. But the plastic ones are made for single use. But many people refill them too. These plastic bottles are manufactured with chemicals, so it is better to dump them after a single use.

There is an expiry date mentioned on the container, and you should not use it after it expires. You can save money by avoiding repurchasing bottled water and refilling the old ones.

Final Thoughts

After comparing aluminum with plastic bottled water, it is concluded that aluminum containers are quite sustainable. It is reusable, recyclable, chemical-free, and safe for everyone. It is the time when one should stop using plastic bottles as it is harmful to the environment.

You should feel concerned regarding your health and the safety of nature. You can stay healthy by drinking water in a chemical-free container. It will strengthen your immune system and make you healthy.

It is better to make the right choices when it comes to choosing suitable bottled water. By switching to sustainable options, you can contribute towards environmental safety and secure your future life. After analyzing the difference, you can decide what is better for your health and the environment.