Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations by Country

 Brazil Brazil’s Famous Carnival Holiday – Renata Pauperio  Bulgaria Legend of the Martenitsa – Rositsa Ruseva  China Torch Day: A Festival of the Yu People – Anonymous  Germany October Fest in Germany – Siggi Siebold  Hong Kong Chung Yueng Festival – Tse-Kin (Pantium) Wong  Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day – Cannelle and Ewa  Japan Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival – Jun Yoshizawa Shichi-Go San: … Read more

New Year’s Customs Worldwide

Wishing for Luck, Eating Special Foods How do people around the world celebrate the coming of the New Year? There are many and varied customs from one country to another, ranging from watching fireworks to eating special foods. Some customs are very surprising or amusing, such as the Thai custom of throwing water on people … Read more

International Proverbs: Simple Truths

In each country, proverbs and sayings provide insights into simple truths and beliefs of the people. In this section, some learners of English share the meanings of proverbs from their own countries. Japanese Proverb about Practicality and Beauty In English: Dumplings are better than cherry blossoms “Hanami” means going to see the cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom … Read more

Opinions About Tattooing

In my country, young people like tattoos very much. They have butterflies, flowers and hearts tattooed on parts of their bodies. Also, they choose very interesting zones to build marks of their youth. Almost all of them are trying to get our attention by doing it. It is just human. I’m self confident enough to … Read more