Carnival in El Callao, Venezuela

Carnival in Venezuela is celebrated during the month of February, forty days before Good Friday. Carnival has existed in Venezuela since the colonial period. It was first celebrated only in Caracas. Today, however, it is also celebrated in coastal towns and other places, especially in El Callao, a small mining town. El Callao was founded in … Read more

Carnival in La Chimana, Venezuela

In my country, we have five days to enjoy Carnival. We always go to the beaches, but we have a special beach called La Chimana where we like to go to celebrate during Carnival. The special thing about our Carnival is that we celebrate with a lot of balloons. But maybe you will ask me, “Why balloons?” … Read more

Los Diablos de Yare: The Devils of Yare

In Venezuela, we have many festivals in various places several times a year. One party is called the Devils of Yare, and it is famous for its music that uses only drums, its traditional dance and red clothing, multicolor masks, and colorful jewelry. This festival is also famous for beautiful costumes and dancing in the street. … Read more

Venezuelans Love Arepas!

Jennifer Risso from Venezuela tells us about a favorite Venezuelan food made of corn flour. Arepas are the most typical food in Venezuela. It is an easy food that you can make in only a few minutes. Arepas are made of corn flour. They are like bread in other countries. You can eat them anytime, everywhere and with whatever … Read more

Celebrating Christmas in Venezuela

Maricira Marcano from Venezuela There is also a special tradition of decorating with a Pecebre, or manger. The most important part of the Pecebre is the baby Jesus with his mother and father. We put the baby in the Pecebre at 12:00 midnight. In Venezuela, we celebrate Christmas on December 24th. Our tradition is to … Read more