The Different Romantic Styles of Americans and Chinese

Hsiu-Mei Yen feels that Americans and Chinese express themselves romantically in very different ways. There are a lot of differences between Americans and Chinese in romance. The main differences are in physical actions and oral expression. In physical actions, Americans are ardent. They show their passion by hugging each other when they meet together. In … Read more

Mind Your Table Manners Internationally!

If you visit another country, it’s good to know what is considered good eating etiquette. What is considered polite may vary from country to country. Rules of Eating Etiquette in Brazil The concept of good manners varies a lot when we compare different cultures, values and ways of living. However, when we talk about the … Read more

Explaining My Name Xiao Wei Nong from China

Our Chinese names regularly consist of three parts. Societies in ancient China were made up of extended families, so the first part of the name is the last name, the family name. The second part is the middle name and should be the symbol of the generation. The third part is just your first name, … Read more

Seol-Nal (Lunar New Year)

Seol-nal is the second biggest holiday in Korea. It is always looked forward to. In the early morning, my family members get up early and everyone cleans their bodies, then dress in their best hanbok (traditional Korean clothes). Then my mother and I go to church and pray to God for our ancestors and my father. After that … Read more