New Year’s Celebrations from Around the World

New Year’s: Customs, a Quiz, and Resolutions Travel the globe to discover some interesting New Year’s customs. Then take a quiz to see what you remember! Everyone loves to make New Year’s resolutions. New Year’s Memories A student from Argentina recalls beautiful customs in her country. A student describes a Chinese dinner she made with a friend. A Vietnamese student remembers celebrating with her … Read more

Ramadan in Turkey

There are a lot of different types of celebrations in Turkey. Some of them are from our religion. These annual festivals are celebrated two times a year. They are organized by the Islamic calendar. According the the Christian era (A.D.), both of them are celebrated 11 days earlier than the previous year’s annual religious festival. … Read more

Festivals and Celebrations in Peru

Peru is a country full of history and traditions where you can enjoy vivid festivals and celebrations all year round. Peru was the Incas’ land. Then, when the Spaniards conquered South America, Peru was the center of the Spanish colony for about 300 years. During that time, Chinese and Negros were also introduced to the … Read more

Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations by Country

 Brazil Brazil’s Famous Carnival Holiday – Renata Pauperio  Bulgaria Legend of the Martenitsa – Rositsa Ruseva  China Torch Day: A Festival of the Yu People – Anonymous  Germany October Fest in Germany – Siggi Siebold  Hong Kong Chung Yueng Festival – Tse-Kin (Pantium) Wong  Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day – Cannelle and Ewa  Japan Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival – Jun Yoshizawa Shichi-Go San: … Read more