Superstitions from Spain

Old beliefs started a long time ago

In Spain, we are especially religious. For this reason, the common superstitions are connected with the Catholic religion. These are superstitions from three different parts of my country—the region of Galicia, the city of Salamanca, and the city of Madrid.

In the north of Spain, there is a big region which is called Galicia. This region is traditionally a land of witches and incantations. A Santa Compaña is a long line of dead people who walk through the forests of Galicia at night. People say if you see this line of people, you will follow them for all of Eternity. If you don’t want to follow them for all of eternity, you should stay at home when the moon is full.

Salamanca has a famous university known all over the world. There are many students there, and they have a lot of traditions and superstitions. In front of one of the doors at the university, there is a frog carved on the wall.


Before tests, many students come to this door. They think if they touch this frog with their hands, they will have good luck on the test. If they forget to do this, they won’t be successful.

In Madrid, there is a little chapel close to the river which is called Ermita de San Isidro. On May 15, all the single women go to this chapel with pins and they put them on a vessel. Tradition says if they prick their finger with the pins, they will find a husband. For this reason, there are always a lot of people who come to the chapel on this day. If they don’t wake up early, they will have to wait in a long line to enter the chapel.

These are three superstitions of different parts of my country. People sometimes believe in them. In my opinion, they are traditions to maintain.