The History of Heavenly Halo Diamond Rings for Engagement: From Vintage to Modern Styles

Halo rings for engagement have been in demand since the vintage era and continue in the modern world. Different shapes and styles over the years have kept the overall appearance of the accessory the same. The concept of Halo rings is to include a big diamond that the smaller ones surround.

Other precious stones, like sapphire, emeralds, rubies, etc., also replace the middle diamond. But the trend remains the same. Every woman loves to wear this accessory on her special day. You can also buy engagement rings hidden halo for the ceremony.

But before you do so, knowing some interesting historical concepts of this accessory is good. You must realize that you are wearing a vintage accessory on your engagement. The beautiful paved stones are styled and shaped in different ways that you can pick according to your choice.

Halo Diamond Ring History


In the modern era, few people know about this vintage accessory that one can gift on the engagement day. But in a few years, it has gained massive popularity across the globe. People having a reasonable budget can afford such an accessory. If you try to trace its origin, you will find that it belonged to the Georgian era from 1714 to 1837.

At that time, round middle stones were fashionable, and the surrounding ones were slightly smaller compared to the big ones. It appears like a flower with similar diamonds. After 1837, the Victoria era began, and halo rings came with a colored stone. Now, the middle diamond was replaced by other precious stones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires.

This concept beautifies the accessory by making it appear as a flower. The size of the outer stones was also smaller in the Victoria era compared to the Georgian era. After 1920, the classic accessory came into existence, and the era was known as Art Deco. In this era, more focus was on geometrical and symmetrical patterns.

The shape of the center stone can be changed depending on the user’s choice. But every shape has a different meaning and relates to the individual’s mood. Nowadays, different shapes and styles are available in halo rings, and one can pick them accordingly in the modern era.

Modern-Era Halo Diamond Rings

Today, you will get halo rings with a large stone in the middle and smaller ones in the outer section. You can explore multiple designs that belong to the Art Deco era but with a modern touch.

You can see the difference in the modern rings that are styled with a vintage touch. Undoubtedly, these rings are pretty popular and preferable choices for many individuals. You can also consider the modern halo accessory with the solitaire.

Meaning of Different Shapes in Halo Diamond Rings


The shape of the large diamond differs in every engagement ring that defines an individual’s character and mood. Undoubtedly, the round ones are widely popular, but you can pick any shape as per your mood and preference.

Round: It is a timeless shape that continues from the vintage period. It is still a favorite choice for several people. It must be updated and go in fashion.

Princess: You can explore the combination of unique angles and a glimpse of brilliance in these rings. After the round shape, it is another preferred choice for many people. You can also find this shape in the vintage era’s halos.

Cushion: You can call it a hybrid as it combines the features of a round with the princess. People who love vintage-styled accessories must consider the cushion type. It is an attractive halo that will blow everyone’s mind.

Emerald: The center stone is large and comes with a pavilion. The emerald stone inspires a fantastic shape, and the stone appears with enough clarity. The finger-flattering emerald-shaped ring comes in a reasonable length.

Radiant: It is another combination style that adds beauty to your finger. It is a fantastic combination of emeralds with round halos.

Oval: It has a stretched and large diamond in the center, which appears equal to the round ones. But it gives a soft and delicate appearance to the ring.

Pear: It should be your choice if you are looking for a halo accessory with beautiful angles and curves. Undoubtedly, it is a vintage cut but has slightly changed over the years. It has a remarkable shape that adds versatility and immense beauty.

Asscher: It is available with an X shape, and its corners are usually cropped. You can also call it the opposite of the type round. It is wholly focused on symmetry and clarity.

Marquise: Initially, this shape came into existence by King Louis. This man loved a woman, and this accessory was dedicated to her. It has a beautifully elongated silhouette and interesting curved lines. Its romantic shape will mesmerize you, and it can be a good choice for your love.

Heart: If you choose the heart shape, you celebrate your love and engagement occasion. Many individuals consider this shape and dedicate it to their love of life. You can also be one of them that makes the same choice for your partner.

Final Thoughts


The history of halo rings for engagement is quite interesting. The trend has continued since the vintage years and is still a popular choice for modern people. Different shapes and styles have evolved in this accessory, and people can choose from different options.

Every person has a different perspective, and they can make their engagement day memorable by gifting a halo accessory to their love. It is an appealing day for celebrating love and togetherness. If one can afford these rings, one must go for them. These rings will remain refreshing and timeless in future years.

After going through history, you can believe that old is gold and never outdated. You can go with the trending options and make your partner feel special on the engagement day.