Stoli Grill, A Russian Restaurant

If you want to feel Russian spirit, you ought to go to the Russian restaurant, “Stoli Grill.” Entering the restaurant, you’ll see a large hall with tables and cabinets along the wall.

Also, you will hear the sound of live piano or violin music or songs being performed by real singers. Usually they sing famous Russian songs. The best feature of “Stoli Grill” is that the atmosphere is not formal, but friendly. People are requesting music, some of them are dancing and others are even singing.


The restaurant’s menu consists of Russian and European dishes. The service is excellent and you will discover smiling waitresses, who will never make you wait for your order.

Usually both Americans and Russians come to eat at this restaurant, but after 12 p.m. only Russians stay there. They come there very often and know each other quite well.

Sometimes a visitor comes only to see his friends and talk to them. If it is your birthday, you can go there and be sure that restaurant will present you a cake, say some good wishes and of course sing “Happy Birthday” to you.