Amina Muaddi Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

There are still a few parts of Amina Muaddi life that are still unknown. In any case, Amina should do better about hiding the details of her life from the media because people like to pry and if they don’t get the answers, they come up with them.

Anyways, I have taken it upon myself to gather up all the authentic information about Amina Muaddi from all relevant sources and presented it all in sequential order. So, if you want to know more about your favorite fashion icon, all you have to do is spend the next five minutes of your life reading this article. With that being said, let’s dig into the details.

Amina Muaddi Biography

Date Of Birth, Age, Height, Weight


Amina Mauddi was born to her parents on the second of June 1987. She was born and brought up in Romania. As per various sources, she belongs to an Islamic family and is thirty-five years old as of 2024. And as far as her weight and height are concerned, she is five feet four inches tall and weighs forty-nine kg.

Career And Net Worth

Starting at the age of nine, Amina Muaddi invested her time and energies in the field of fashion design, which might be the reason why she is such a successful shoemaker and fashion designer at such a young age. Through various smart collaborations and multiple brands, Amina Muaddi has amassed a sizable fortune of $7 million.

Early Life

At the age of six, Amina Muaddi moved to Amman, Jordan but shortly afterward, her parents got divorced and she moved back to Romania with her mother. She spent most of her early life in Romania but moved to Milan for higher studies. As per the sources, Amina has got a degree in Fashion Design from the European Institute Of Design. Her passion and hard work paid off earning her a name in the world of business and fashion designing.


Amina Muaddi is not just a brilliant fashion designer but she is also a formidable businesswoman. In addition to having a highly creative mind, she has a business acumen which helped her do smart collaborations with famous celebrities such as Rihanna, Hailey Bieber, and Kendal Jenner. Plus, she has also done various collaborations with world-famous magazines such as Vogue, GQ Magazine, and so on.

Social Media

Amina Muaddi is not just a businesswoman or a fashion designer but is also a social media influencer. She has a great fan following and people go nuts over her newest collections. She is primarily involved in shoe designing and shoe making but the list doesn’t end there just yet. She is also a creative director, Entrepreneur, in deals in various accessories in addition to her shoe line such as bags and accessories.



What nationality is Amina Muaddi?

Amina Muaddi is a Jordanian-Romanian world-famous fashion designer. Her father was from Jordan and her mother was Romanian. She was born in Romania but she moved to

Amman, Jordan with her family. Unfortunately, her parents got divorced when she was only six years old. So, she moved back to Romania with her mother where she spent the rest of

her childhood. In her teens, she moved to Milan, Italy for higher education.

Are Amina Muaddi comfortable?

The Amina Muaddi shoe is not only known for its exemplary design and style but also for the extremely comfortable base it provides to its customers. All of the stilettos by Amina

Muaddi have a unique and ergonomically designed heel that helps spread the entire body weight ingenuously. Hence, reducing the level of stress and fatigue that a person may normally feel while wearing high heels.

Is Amina Muaddi single?

Although Amina Muaddi loves hanging out with friends and family, there is no hard evidence of any present or past relationships nor is she married. Maybe, she has never been into a real relationship or maybe she just wants to keep her private life private. Whatever reasons she might have to stay single, we really hope that she finds her prince charming very soon!

Is Amina Muaddi Italian?

No, Amina Muaddi is not Italian. She is a Romanian-Jordanian world-class fashion designer who was born in Romania. Soon she moved to Amman with her family. However, she returned to Romania with her mom at the age of six when her parents separated. Later on, she moved to Italy for higher education and to pursue her degree in Design. Maybe this is the reason why people confuse her for being Italian.

Is Amina Muaddi expensive?

Yes, Amina Muaddi is a highly expensive brand exclusively for the elite. Even the most basic design sells for a minimum of six hundred to seven hundred dollars. The more intricate the design and the higher the heel, the bigger the price tag. But the unique design and comfortable experience are absolutely worth the price.

Final Thoughts


is was all that I could dig up on our rich and famous Amina Muaddi. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the professions or names of her parents with authenticity but it is safe to say that she has had a privileged life. As per her social media handles, we can also draw up the conclusion that she is pretty close to her family. I hope you found this article very helpful. If you did, don’t forget to refer your friend here!