Superstitions from Spain

Old beliefs started a long time ago In Spain, we are especially religious. For this reason, the common superstitions are connected with the Catholic religion. These are superstitions from three different parts of my country—the region of Galicia, the city of Salamanca, and the city of Madrid. In the north of Spain, there is a … Read more

La Paradura del Niño – Standing Up of the Child

In the Andean region of Táchira, Mérida and Trujillo, the celebration called La Paradura del Niño is focused on Jesus as a baby. It is celebrated around the 6th of January. It is a procession in which the baby in the manger is placed on a large handerchief and each corner is held by a person who … Read more

Independence Day in El Salvador

Independence Day in my country, El Salvador, is on September 15th, but the people start to prepare for it on May 1st. All the schools and the military have a parade in the streets; in the capital they do it at the most important stadium. In order to have a parade, each school has already … Read more

Explaining My Name Xiao Wei Nong from China

Our Chinese names regularly consist of three parts. Societies in ancient China were made up of extended families, so the first part of the name is the last name, the family name. The second part is the middle name and should be the symbol of the generation. The third part is just your first name, … Read more

Guineo, A Typical Colombian Food

Guineo is a typical dish made with green bananas, which is popular in some parts of Colombia, such as Santa Marta. I think that seventy percent of the people there eat guineo at least two or three times a week. When my mother prepares guineo, we have it for breakfast or for dinner. I really like it. I seldom … Read more

El Jarabe Tapatio – Mexican Hat Dance

Laura Meraz Rafin from Mexico This dance is characteristic and representative of Mexico. It symbolized the man’s courtship of the woman who in the beginning rejects him, but then accepts him. The woman’s full, brightly colored skirt is decorated with flashy ribbons and lace. The man’s costume is a traditional “charro suit” that consists of … Read more