Similarities Between Romance in Mexico and the United States

Lorena Vazquez feels Mexicans and Americans are similar in their ways of being romantic, but Mexicans are more romantic.

There are many points of similarities about romance between the United States and Mexico in the areas of special dinners, gifts, and music. A special dinner is considered romantic in both Mexico and in the United States. A special dinner in the United States is going to an expensive, five-star restaurant. However, in Mexico, a special dinner is when the food is homemade. The table has to have candles.


Another similarity they share is gifts. American people consider it very romantic to give a present to the person they love. Some of those gifts are red roses, chocolates, and a diamond ring.

In Mexico it is also very romantic to give presents, but in Mexico it is more romantic to give red roses than any other presents.


Finally, the United States and Mexico also agree that music is one of the ways a person can show romanticism. In the United States turning on the radio and listening to soft music is considered romantic since it has a slow rhythm and the words of the songs are very nice. In Mexico soft music is also considered very romantic. However, in Mexico to turn on the radio and listen to music is not enough. Mexico is more romantic because men serenade their loves singing those soft songs in person.

In conclusion, although both countries have many points of similarities about romance, Mexico is more romantic because Mexican people show their romanticism by doing the things by themselves.