Mother’s Day in Mexico

In Mexico during the early morning hours of May 10 it is a tradition that many people go to serenade their moms.

Either they hire a trio or a mariachi band or they meet with several people to go to sing to their moms.


It is customary to have festivals for mothers in schools, where students perform dances, sing some songs, or perform some representation; others tell some jokes, all in order to make moms spend a pleasant time watching their children doing something for them.

They take advantage of this time to give their moms some gifts. In many schools students do some crafts before the Mother’s Day, either an embellishment for the home or some embroidered detail, to give to their mothers on May 10.


Many families usually gather to entertain their moms. They organize to bring some dishes and eat together. They give their moms gifts and spend as much time as possible with them to honor them on their day.