Shichi-go-san Festival Seven-five-three Ceremony

Chifuyu Omma from Japan A place in my memory is a shrine. In Japan, November 15 is Shichi-Go-San (seven, five, three) ceremony. That means girls at seven years, boys at five years, and boys and girls at three years are celebrated at a shrine to show appreciation for good growth and wishes for better growth … Read more

Chung Yueng Festival Tse-kin (Pantium) Wong

In Hong Kong there is a holiday called the Chung Yueng Festival. It is celebrated on September 9th of the Lunar calendar. The story of this holiday was about a family. On that day, a family went to a hill to do something. When they came back home, they found all their animals had died. … Read more

Coming of Age Ceremony Hiroko Yamane from Japan

January 15th is Seijin-no-hi, the Coming-of-Age ceremony, in Japan. On that day, Japanese people celebrate being 20 years old as reaching adulthood, like 21 years old in America. When I had this ceremony. I wore a “kimono.” A kimono is a traditional Japanese dress. Commonly most Japanese do not wear it now, but many women … Read more

Worldwide Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations by Country

 Brazil Brazil’s Famous Carnival Holiday – Renata Pauperio  Bulgaria Legend of the Martenitsa – Rositsa Ruseva  China Torch Day: A Festival of the Yu People – Anonymous  Germany October Fest in Germany – Siggi Siebold  Hong Kong Chung Yueng Festival – Tse-Kin (Pantium) Wong  Ireland Saint Patrick’s Day – Cannelle and Ewa  Japan Setsubun: Bean Throwing Festival – Jun Yoshizawa Shichi-Go San: … Read more