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Poetry Project: Manabu Ozawa's Poem

Manabu and classmate Barbara
Manabu Ozawa shares his poem
with classmate Barbara Hoobroecky.

Manabu Ozawa discovers the
power of his own poem!

Jogging at Night

By Manabu Ozawa from Japan

I was running down the street at 2 AM.
I saw a dog putting his head into a garbage can.

        A bum was sleeping on the bench in the park.
I remember the ambulance's red flash.
I was just running away from something I was afraid of.
         HURRY UP, something was behind me. RUN.

I woke up in my bed.
It was a nice nightmare. I hadn't had one in a long time.

I stepped out from my bed.
         There was a pair of shoes on my feet.

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