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Poetry Project: Ken Otani's Poem

Lesley, Oscar, Renate, and Ken
Lesley Ortiz, Oscar Ortiz, Renata
Pauperio, and Ken Otani.

Lesley, Renata, and Ken
Lesley Ortiz, Renata Pauperio,
and Ken Otani read poetry.

My Way to School

By Ken Otani from Japan

I go to the university
Takes me 50 minutes using train and foot
I take the yellow train,
silver and green train,
silver and red subway.
I transfer twice, but it's common there.
I like looking outside in the train
Though it's everyday scenery,
I can see many things.
That's what I like.
If I can sit down, I sleep.
I feel relaxed.
From the nearest station,
I walk 10 minutes.
I pass by Starbuck's Cafe.
It smells good.
Then I enter the big, red gate,
And that's it. But it is more important to be a good person.

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