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Poetry Project: Hasanuddin Rachman's Poem

Hasanuddin Rachman
Hasanuddin Rachman reads his
poem aloud to his classmates.

Hasanuddin Rachman and Sheryl  Jouvenat
Sheryl Jouvenat, Hasanuddin
Rachman's teacher, listens.

On the Searching of Life

Hasanuddin Rachman from Indonesia

I have heard that life begins at forty,
But I doubt it--who cares? Who realizes?
So far, the question is: How's life treating you?
What a life! Nobody can answer.
To me, life is like the title of the story "Never Ending the Struggle."

Anyway, I'm still searching to find an answer.
Is my life's struggle just always for sake of recognition?
From what? From whom? And why....?

What I feel, I come from a hard-working family,
And I believe, hard work never killed a man.
Men die because of disease,
Physiological conflict, and boredom!
Day by day, I tend to think too much about everything.

One thing that I wish everybody would agree on:
It is good to be an important person,
But it is more important to be a good person.

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