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Readers' Responses: Cell Phones

Read what readers, have said about cell phones, in response to Cell Phones and E-mail (Issue 19) and Sounding Off about Phoning and Driving in Speak Out.  

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What do you think about cell phones?

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I think cell phones are great. Me, at 16, I use them a lot when I go out so my parents won't worry. And me as a female, I feel much better knowing I have a phone if I get in trouble, need a ride, or other emergency.

Elizabeth from the U.S.

I think that we should be allowed to use cell and car phone while driving a car, but only if you speak through a micro-phone or some sort of device that allows you to keep both hands on the wheel.

Stafford Kelly from the U.S.

My opinion is the cell phones should be allowed to be used in a car, because you never know when you are going to need one.

Jessica from the U.S.

I think cell phones are a real "walking contradiction" of social interaction. On the one hand, they allow us to be connected to people we want to be connected to, and other other hand, they alienate us from people around us by being an intrusive presence and by taking our attention away from the immediate "moment." It's very interesting, and I'm producing a live TV debate show about it in Toronto, Canada next week on Wednesday March 21. Anyone interested in this debate can email me and be a part of the studio audience.

Marcella Munro from Canada

Brittany, you hit the nail on the head. I can't stand the infernal contraptions that everyone and their brother now blabs on while they're in the grocery store, the movies, the mall, or even walking down the street or in the bus or subway. And everyone has an annoying "personalized" ringer that goes off every 20 seconds for their really "important" calls like getting updated that their cat went to the bathroom on the rug or something equally trivial. Furthermore, people invariably talk about four times louder than normal when using a cell phone, as if everybody in the room wanted to hear about their love life and personal problems.

Richard Beddingfield from the U.S.

I believe that cell phones should be only used in case of emergency...I, at the tender age of 13, become extremely irate when people use cell phones during movies, at restaurants, in cars, at school, and other unnecessary places. We are wasted our life one minute of a time on something that is just a smaller, portable version of something we have in our home.

Brittany Stahlman from the U.S.

I think cell phones are good because they help you when you get in a jam. I had a cell phone until my dog peed on it. But, cell phones have saved my life

Meagan Cowart from the U.S.

I think that cell phones in cars is a bad idea. Not only do you put yourself at risk but you are risking the lives of others. An alternative though, if you really really need to use a cell phone in your car while driving would be to get a headset or a speaker phone installed and have the answer button wired into the steering wheel. That way at least people aren't holding phones up to their heads, but the bottom line for me is that cell phones should be prohibited to drivers, but a passenger could use it that way. If there is an emergency, the passenger could call for help.

Jon from Canada

My opinion is that yes the cell phone is very important source in case of an emergency! but the cell phone is also a way to cause the accident not only to try and fix one. While driving and talking on the phone you could start an enormous problem of misunderstanding the cell phone. The cell phone is for talking to other people from a distance, not for being distracted while driving!

Caitlin from Canada

Of course, "NO!" Using cell phones in driving not only will drive you in jeopardy but others as well. No matter how one masters in driving or how skillful he is, it's indeed dangerous to use cell phone and drive at the same time. When one is concentrating on talking or listening to another on phone, there must be no time for him to pay extra attention to what he is doing now, to say nothing of driving. On the other hand, the way most of people drive is personally in his own way. It's crazy enough. If we allow one to use cell phone and drive in the meanwhile, how awful and messy our traffic would be. So, only when one has two brains for him to do two different types of things can one drive and use cell phone at the same time.

Andrew Ie from Taiwan

My opinion is "Yes". When we use them correctly. Because when we get trouble in the car like engine is broken and something is wrong. Or, when it's an emergency, then we have to call with it. So we really need it. We have to use cell phones correctly. When we are driving, we can use cell phone. If it is an emergency, then we have to stop the car and use the phone. If you don't use it correctly, then you're responsible if something happens.

Hyun Jae from Korea

My opinion is that it is very dangerous when you are driving and you are taking on the phone. But, if you have an emergency you could call somebody to rescue you. That could cause you to have an accident.

Lorenzo from Haiti

My opinion is that it is very dangerous when you drive and you talk on your cell phone. Cell phones are very useful sometimes like in a emergency. You can call for help. It is dangerous when you drive and talk because you concentrate on the conversation and you could get into a accident.

Pedro from El Salvador

It's hard for me to imagine that there are more and more people having cell phones. And the average age becomes lower than before. Having a cell phone isn't a big thing now, even junior high school students can own one. With the prevalence of cell phones, here comes another phenomena---people values material life more. Vanity controls people's valuation and causes lots of waste.

Essen from Taiwan

No...I think it is really very dangerous. Most people can't concentrate on two things at the same time. In this way, when you talk on cell phone and drive at the same time, it is hard to deal with any accident. Therefore, I insist that we should not use cell phone while driving.

Emily from Taiwan

Cell phones are good to have in case of an emergency. A lot of people buy them that can not afford them. They should be used only when needed.

Cris from the U.S.

I think that cell phones should not be allowed to be published into vehicles of any kinds because it could cause severe injuries to occur to people who do not deserve it. Yes, there could be many reasons why we should have cell phones because maybe it could allow you to call someone to ask them if they need anything while you are out or you could be late for some job interview and the cell phone would be very useful to call and tell the person holding the job interview that you are running a few minutes behind. But, in my own opinion I believe that cell phones are very harmful and should not be permitted.

Bevin Denae Hawkins from Texas, U.S.

I think it's bad cause I was hit by a 17 year old kid who was supposed to be going 35 miles an hour and I know he was going way faster than that cause of damage to my car and my body. It has been 1 month now and I still am not able to return to work. He was on a cell phone!!! Maybe it's not just the cell phone that's the problem as much as it is the kids who drive. All I know is that I am getting ready to lose my house and have no idea when I will be returning to work or when my settlement will come in, not to mention I have no car and am scared to drive one anyway. Thanks for listening.

Ruthie from the U.S.

A lot of many people think the same about the cell phone. They believe than it is dangerous because it has irradiation and will cause cancer. But, other people think that the cell phone is very useful because it will make the life easy. The humanity will be grateful with this invention. However, people need to know how use correctly the phone cells and especially in what places where they don't disturb other people. In my opinion, for example, using a phone cell when people are driving will be dangerous because it will cause an accident. So is very important when people use the cell and they not use while driving.

Ricardo Villalobos

In my opinion, a cell phone is necessary and important. It makes me convenient. Wherever I am, I can connect with others. It helps me to get a lot of information on time. Sometimes I must make a decision on the phone. Especially when I am on the highway, it is my only tool to free myself from a predicament. Although it can be dangerous to hold a phone while driving, we can use a handheld phone. Personally, I need a cell phone. I have gotten a lot of benefits from it.

Karen from China

Cellular phones are an excellent way of communicating. For me it is important to have one because when I have a problem, it is a good way to resolve it. Also, when my family or anyone else needs to talk to me, they can do it this way. Today for business people cell phones are their right hand. That's why cell phones are very important.

David Salas from Mexico

About five years ago the cell phones was a luxury. Today they are necessary for people all over the world because you need to know about your home wherever you are, and your children need to be able to you if they have some problems at school or anywhere. What about your safety? One day you could have an accident and you have nobody around. How would you send a message? I think that you won't have many ways to do that. Some time ago I used to think cell phones only make me spend my money, but I realize although it takes my money, it may save my life.

Yoelki Amador (Joe) from Cuba

I believe in using the cell phones. Think about it . If one day your family or your friends have an emergency problem, they can call you and you will know right away . If you don't have a cell phone, they won't be able to find you, that why it's important to have one.

Hung Tran

I think that a cell phone is a very important thing in the technology century. If something happens to you or you family, you can use a cell phone to call for help. Businessman decide a lot of questions on cell phones. Sometimes it is very important for them.

I think a phone is necessary for people. But we need to have a few rules for using cell phones. We have to turn off a cell phone at class time, in the theatre, in the car to respect each other and to save our lives. If we could use a cell phone with these rules, all would be okay. Try, and you'll see that a cell phone will change your life. If you want to forget about phones, you can just turn them off. You must go with technology time.

Philippova Victoria from Russia

In my opinion, a cellular phone is very useful especially when you drive on the freeway. If you have a flat tire, you can call your friend or family for help.

Mirna Salgado from El Salvador

I don't agree in using the cellular telephone because it can provoke several accidents for lack of attention to drive with the cellular telephone. In a fraction of seconds the driver can remove the innocent people's life.

Ferreira Valdir from Brazil

Should people be allowed to use cell phones in restaurants? It is very difficult to say, "Yes, they should be banned." Instead of banning them, we could prevent problems by doing small things. While enjoying our dinner with our guests, we could put the tone lower in order not to disturb people beside us. If the call is not important, we could tell the caller that we'll call back.

Mehmet Ali Comert from Turkey

A cell phone can be very useful in emergencies, but most people get a cell phone, not because they need it, but for fantasy. They take it to a hospital where it bothers the patients who need to relax. They take it to class, to their job, or to a restaurant. In these places, cell phones annoy people. The worst thing, however, is some people talk on the phone while they are driving. They could cause accidents.

Mirna Hazim

Having a cellular phone is very convenient for many purposes. On the road, for example, if someone is in danger or has had an accident in an unfamiliar place, having a cellular phone could be very helpful. Communication with a cellular phone is very quick and helps people save time. For example, they can do business as fast as possible. For people with kids, it's also very useful. Anywhere you are, you are able to reach your family.

Eulalie Tungu

I think it's the kind of thing which can be a friend and an enemy at the same time. Since cellular phones were created, husbands and wives can't cheat on each other as easily as before. They can't lie about where they are because their partners can call there. They can't lie as they used to do before because now it's easy to find out about lies. I think this is one of the thousand ways that cellular phones have been changing people's lives.

Angela Teixeira from Brazil

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