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Readers' Responses: Cell Phones

Read what readers, have said about cell phones, in response to Cell Phones and E-mail (Issue# 19) and Sounding Off about Phoning and Driving in Speak Out.  

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In Taiwan, cell phones are really common. Lots of people use them. Even high school students bring cell phones to school everyday and call their peers who are just in the next classroom. At first, I wondered why cell phones were so popular among teenagers. Soon, I figured it out. They just want to show them off. They always hang their cell phone on a belt to let other people know they have money. I think the message behind that is quite clear. It shows they don't know how to value themselves.

On the other hand, the cell phone contributes a lot to our lives--honestly. I can not ignore the functions it serves. Therefore, I also own a cell phone in Taiwan. Actually, I seldom use it, only in emergencies.

Kung-Yi (Fred) Chen from Taiwan

Nowadays having a cell phone is becoming a common thing. I think that it is a good idea to have one because if you have a problem with your car, you can immediately call someone to help fix it. However, I think it is nonsense to have long conversations while driving because, of course, you don't pay full attention to driving. You should concentrate on driving. It my country, it is not allowed to talk by cell phone and drive. People who do that get tickets, but many people don't obey the law and get away with it. They don't get tickets.

Nelma Toledo Mendonca from Brazil

The cell phone would be a great thing if we used it in the right way. We can communicate with people who are far from us and give them our news. We can use it in an emergency or just to call somebody we want to talk with. It is useful when we need information. Using it, for example, we can avoid spending a lot of time in the bank or other places.

Unfortunately most of us don't use it in the right way because we talk with our friends for hours and hours., and that's something we can do better if we have a coffee together. The use of the cell phone in this way is dangerous for the development of good socialization. We need to think twice about how we are using cell phones.

Graciela Flores from Mexico

I like to use a cell phone because it is useful in urgent situations, but many people don't use them well. Whenever I hear noisy ringing in a silent place, I'm astonished. Nowadays, many young students use cell phones everywhere in my country just for talking to their friends. It keeps students from studying.

Once when I was studying in the library, I was concentrating on reading my book. Suddenly, a cell phone blasted off. I was so annoyed because those students didn't have good manners in public. I scowled at them, but they didn't pay attention.

The most important thing is that users need to have good manners in specific places. In a quiet, public place, they should turn it off for a while.

Seung-Hye Lee (Clare) from Korea

Cellular phones can be useful, but at the same time they can be a problem. The good thing about them is you can use them if you travel a lot or if you are not in the office and you need to talk with a client or someone important about something important that can't wait. Then the cell phone is the only way to get in contact with these people. They're also useful in emergencies and when someone wants to reach you right away, but they can be dangerous. People who use them while driving become distracted and can cause accidents. In addition, some people can even become addicted to them and think of nothing else. I think they are very useful, but we need to use them carefully and be aware of the consequences of using them inappropriately or becoming addicted to them.

Martha Leverett from Colombia

Some people like jabbering on the cell phone. They talk to friends or family. It they are polite, it's okay. However, if they talk too loudly in public places, somebody may get annoyed and give them a contemptuous stare.

Sadiq Hasson from Iraq

I am writing about the correct use of cell phones. A lot of people don't know their behavior while talking on those phones is obnoxious. Or, maybe they think everybody is looking at them with interest, but often the truth is that people are scowling at them because of their jabbering.

José Guillermo Davila from Mexico

Cell phones are very popular in Korea. One fourth of all Koreans have cell phones. Having a cell phone is nothing special, but these days, we are having problems In public areas, people speak on the phoneloudly and make other people uncomfortable. And the biggest problem is car accidents. Many accidents are caused by people using cell phones while driving. People can't concentrate on their driving. As a result, they cause accidents. They drive in the wrong lane and hit pedestrians.Unfortunately, we don't have any restrictions on cell phone use. Everybody knows it is very dangerous to use a cell phone while driving, but people use them.

Seong Ah Kim from Korea

Many people are getting annoyed at cell phone users. It's time for people to stop jabbering on cell phones in public places. Although some cell phone users don't agree, they should follow the rules.

Piboon Choklerdpatana (Boon) from Thailand

At mid-term and finals time, I usually study at the library. When I was concentrating on my studying, somewhere a cell phone blasted off and continuously other cell phones blasted off. I raised my head and gave the persons who used the cell phones a contemptuous stare, but they didn't care. Everybody knows cell phones are useful, but in public areas--theaters, restaurants, and public transportation--we need to ban the use of cell phones.

Seong Ah Kim from Korea

Cellular phones are very popular today. Many people carry them in their pockets or bags, but they can be a problem. They should not be used in some places, for example, in classrooms or in libraries. The ringing of a cell phone disrupts a class and disturbs people in libraries. People in these places don't want to be disturbed by noise, so in my opinion, they should be banned there. Also, drivers can sometimes be dangerous when they are talking on a cell phone, so they people shouldn't use them in cars. On the other hand, people can use them in restaurants because they don't disturb people there.

If cell phones are used properly, they are good for connecting with people. However, they should be used in a the right way and in suitable places.

Pantium Wong from Hong Kong

People should not be allowed to use cell phones in restaurants or classrooms. The ringing of their cell phones is annoying for those who are eating because they can't enjoy their food. In the classroom, when students are paying attention to some important information from their teacher and a cell phone rings, it makes everybody annoyed. Therefore, be careful if you use a cell phone. Don't bring them to restaurants or classrooms! Or, at least, don't forget to turn them off in these places.

Suong Huynh from Vietnam

In my opinion, people should be allowed to use cell phones in certain ways in public places. By certain ways, I mean that they can be turned down very low so only the user can hear it or feel it by vibration. Of course, the users should respect other people's rights in public places, but we shouldn't ban them. Who knows? The phone call can be very vital.

Farid Belharat from Algeria

One of the most important advantages of using cell phones is that you can carry them with you anywhere you go, so in case of an emergency, you can communicate very quickly to anyone anywhere.

On the other hand, more and more people are using cell phones improperly. They need to learn when or where they can use them. In my opinion, they should not use them in classrooms or libraries because they are annoying in these places. They especially should not use them when they are driving because it's dangerous for people on the road.

Blanca P. Salmerón from El Salvador

The cell phone is a way to communicate with everyone. It is mostly necessary for the businessman. A cell phone should be used in a very safe way, and you should not use it too much. If you use it too much, magnetic electronic waves can effect your brain and hearing. In a classroom, you can use it, but keep it on vibrate or one beep so that no one can be disturbed. In restaurants, it is good to shut off your cell phone; you go there to have fun with your family or friends. Also, be careful and don't talk too much on phones while driving. It is dangerous.

Deepak K. Jewanie from Pakistan

I think the use of the cellular phone today is more than fashion or status. It is a real necessity because people don't have enough time to look for a public telephone and sometimes need to make and to receive emergency calls.

In public places, the solution is to turn the volume down or to set it on beep, vibration, or light. While driving, it is dangerous, but if you have voice mail, you can wait and answer after you stop the car. Also, did you know that the use of a cellular phone can affect your health; researchers say electromagnetic waves can affect your brain and your ears.

Danilo Quiñones from Colombia

I think people should have the right to use cell phones and to decide whether to use them or not. These small machines are one of the most modern and easiest kinds of communication. Because of the importance of communicating with each other, they have become very popular. Using cell phones, you can communicate with somebody very far away from you in a few seconds. However, they sometimes could be harmful. Researchers say they can be dangerous for our health.

Aleida Lopez from Peru

In the last ten years, cell phones have become more and more popular. They are useful, but sometimes they really cause problems. For example, a person who uses a cell phone while driving is exposing himself and others to a high risk. I think people should not be allowed to use them in many places.

Amer Joubarani from Syria

The phenomenon of cell phones has grown enormously in our society in the last decade, and their use in some places has become frequent. Actually, the disturbances caused by cell phones shouldn't exist. People can put their phones on silent ringing, and they can also know if the call is important or not.

The addiction to cell phones, however, has made people inconsiderate of others, and many people don't realize that using cell phones while driving is extremely dangerous. I think they should be banned.

Ukah N. Kenneth from Nigeria (Gabon)

I think people should be allowed to use cell phones in public places because they are useful, especially in emergency situations; however, I don't agree that students can use them in class because they disturb the teacher and the other students. Also, when people use them while driving, they put their lives and other people's lives at risk.

Herón Pacheco from Mexico

I believe that the cell phone is one of the greatest inventions of the twentieth century in the communication field. Although it is amazing and useful, many people tend to misuse it and that has given it a bad reputation. You even find some people in hospitals around patients either receiving calls or making calls.

We can protect cell phones from a bad reputation by using them at the right time and place. We shouldn't use them in schools, restaurants, or movie theaters because they disturb other people. In some important and exceptional conditions, they could be kept on with a reduction of the ringing volume or they can be used in the vibration mode.

Sam Nasr from Jordan

I think that cell phones in cars is a bad idea not only do you put yourself at risk but you are risking the lives of others, an alternative though, if you really really need to use a cell phone in your car while driving would be to get a headset or a speaker phone installed and have the answer button wired into the steering wheel that way at least people aren't holding phones up to their heads but the bottom line for me is that cell phones should be prohibited to drivers, but a passenger could use it that way if there is an emergency the passenger could call for help.

Jon from Canada

We should turn off the cell phone while we are driving because there have been a lot of accidents for this reason. Sometimes, people using cell phones don't pay attention while they are talking; therefore they can cause an accident. People who talk while driving sometimes don't pay attention to what they are doing.

I think we should be allowed to use cell phones, but not in some places. We need to be educated to be polite when we use them.

Gilmer Coronado from Venezuela

I believe that using cell phones in public places such as classrooms and libraries is impolite. I don't mean that you should stop this way of communication when you are in these places, but you can use the technology of vibration to make it quieter. Using them in a restaurant can be okay if you are not bothering anybody, and you should be able to be in touch with your family and office in case something is wrong. I think it is okay to use cell phones anywhere as long as you don't bother anybody.

Hassan Alhayek from Jordan

If you have a cell phone, you should know when and where you can use it. It is not good that you use the cell phone in classrooms when the teacher is speaking because it could cause the distraction of the teacher and the classmates. It is dangerous if you use a cell phone while you are driving because you pay more attention to the conversation that to the road. However, I can't find any problems using the cell phone in restaurants. In short, the cell phone can be dangerous and annoying, but it is a necessity.

Maricira Marcano from Venezuela

We can see people talking on their cell phones almost everywhere. They use cell phones for their social, business, and personal live. Unfortunately, many people take their cell phones to public recreational places. Sometimes when we sit in a restaurant to enjoy our meal or sit in a cinema to enjoy a movie, we can hear cell phones ringing and people talking about their business. I think it just spoils our free time. People have to understand that it is very important to separate our social lives and our work lives. They shouldn't use them in recreational places.

Vera from El Salvador

Technological advances ease our lives in many ways. One of them is the recent telecommunication device, the cell phone. We can use it anywhere, but the problem is how to use it.

I'll try to explain with an example. You are on holiday at the seaside, and you are sunbathing on the sand. The beach is crowded. You remember that you want to relax. There is a family near you, and they are talking quietly, but suddenly the father's cell phone is ringing. Everyone is frustrated, especially you and your family. However, you say to yourself, "Such things happen." He is talking on his cell phone loudly. After a short time, you learn that he is a buyer and he is talking to his customer about a case. You are very annoyed, and you get angry. You want to leave. What should you do in such circumstances?

Nobody wants to listen to other people's conversations when they don't even know who they are. In my opinion, cell phones should be prohibited in public places. I don't want to know who you are or who you are talking to when you use one near me!

Recep Acar from Turkey

People like cell phones because they are so convenient. They can contact each other anywhere and anytime. However, there are some places where they should not be used because they are dangerous.

First, people's attention is diverted if they talk on cell phones while they are driving. The number of car accidents caused by drivers using cell phones has risen, so people should not use them when they are driving. Also, it is dangerous to use them in airplanes because the phone signals can interrupt the airplane's signal system. I think cell phones should be banned in cars and airplanes.

Yian Ma from China

Cell phones are extremely popular among teenagers. They like to talk on the cell phone in public places such as restaurants and libraries. The biggest problem is they they talk on the phone while they are driving and can't control the car. They shouldn't be allowed to use cell phones while driving because they may cause accidents.

Ngoc-Ahn Thi Ho (Annie) from Vietnam

Sometimes we see people at recreational places talking on their cell phones about their business life. People have to understand that it is important to separate our social life from our business life.

Vladimir Nepochatov from Russia

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