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Superstitions from Thailand

Sareeraya Boonbanlu from Thailand

Sareeraya Boonbanlu describes superstitions about different kinds of situations and ponders about their origins and what we should think of them.

Sareeraya Boonbanlu
Sareeraya Boonbanlu

There are many beliefs about superstitions; some are about good luck and others are about bad luck. In my country, Thailand, we have a lot of superstitions. There are old beliefs for almost all situations.

For example, some people believe that the number 6 will bring reverse results. Especially good luck will turn into bad luck because the number 6 can be the number 9 is you turn it over. So, if you get a number 6 on your examination ID card, you might get the opposite result even though you have done well on your test.

There are some other superstitions about dreams. Thai people believe that you will meet your soul mate soon if you dream that a snake is holding you tightly. My mother dreamt that a small black snake was holding her tightly, and then she met my dad who is small and dark.

Actually, we have many superstitions for almost all situations, such as if you sing in the kitchen, you will have a very old spouse, or your ship could sink if you do not completely turn a fish over. In my opinion, the ancestors had their reasons for creating those kinds of beliefs. For instance, it's not proper for a lady to sing a song while she is cooking because she might hurt herself if she does not concentrate on cooking.

Therefore, I believe that all superstitions have their own origins; some are reliable and others might not be. You should consider them carefully and not let them affect your life too much.

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