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International Superstitions: Marriage & Weddings

Carmen Caffarena, Turhan Ece, Minjung Song, and Renata Pauperio comment on old beliefs about brides and grooms.

Carmen Caffarena from Spain

Take Note if You're Getting Married in Spain

If a groom's friend cuts a piece of the groom's tie, he'll get married soon.

If the bride wears something blue, she'll have a happy marriage.

If the groom sees the bride's dress, she'll have bad luck during the ceremony.

Turhan Ece from Turkey

Wedding Superstitions in Turkey

If you get married between two annual religious festivals that are two months apart, you might be unlucky.

If you write the name of one of your friends under the sole of your shoes in your wedding ceremony, and it is erased, he/she will wed in a short period of time.

If you catch a candy which is thrown by the bride, you will wed in a short period of time.

Minjung Song from Korea

They'll Have Daughters and Sons

If a bridegroom smiles a lot in a wedding, he will get a daughter as a first child. If a bride takes some nuts, she will get a lot of sons. (Traditionally, the parents of a bridegroom throw nuts and plums to a bride after a wedding. At that time, a bride puts nuts or plums in her shirt.)

Renata Pauperio from Brazil

How to Cause a Rainy Wedding Day
If a future bride eats directly from the pot, it will rain on her wedding day.


 Brides and Grooms


Evelyn Infante from Venezuela, Setsuka Sendai from Japan, and Hyun-Joo Kim from Korea, interviewed international students to find out superstitions about weddings. This is what they were told.

In Mexico, they say: If someone accidently sweeps an unmarried woman's shoes with a broom, she will never marry. If a bride wears pearls, she will cry during her married life because pearls means tears.

In Taiwan, they say: If a woman serves as a bridesmaid more than
twice, she will have bad luck.

In the U.S., Colombia, and Spain, they say: If the bride wears something new, something old, and something borrowed; she will have good luck.

In Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia they say: If the groom sees the bride's wedding dress before their wedding, the bride will have bad luck.

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