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Superstitions from Kyrgyzstan

Tatiana Verbois from Kyrgyzstan

Tatiana Verbois
Tatiana Verbois

Tatiana Verbois describes unique superstitions from her country and reflects on their origens.

Meanings of superstitions are passed on from one generation to another Some superstitions are very common from one country to another. For example, everyone knows spilling salt or breaking a mirror mean bad luck.

In Kyrgyzstan, we have some unique proverbs of our own. For example, people say if a single woman sits at a table in the corner, she won't be married.

Our proverbs often have a religious base. For example, people don't talk about their plans which have not been realized yet because they think good luck will be lost. If you talk about your plans or hopes, you need to immediately spit over your left shoulder.

In the past, people believed two angels lived behind a person; a white angel lived behind the person's right shoulder; a black angel was behind his left shoulder. People thought spitting would keep the black angel from getting angry, and then he would not destroy their plans.

In my country, some people are very superstitious and others ignore superstitions, but everybody knows about them.

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