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Independence Day in Zaire

Eulalie Tungu from Zaire

We have several kinds of holidays in Zaire, but I'd like to talk about out Independence Day, June 24th, which is a Memorial Day because of the martyred people who died for their political beliefs. It was a big day when we got our rights from Belgium.

Soldiers participate in parades, which are shown on TV. We also have different kinds of movies that are specially dedicated to that Memorial Day, how people fought to get back our rights and were martyred. There was a lot of pressure against the people by the press and the media. There were meetings , and there was fighting. They sacrificed their lives for the best of our nation. They didn't want the Belgians to continue governing us.

Each family celebrates this holiday in a different way. Some families kill animals and barbeque them and unite people to enjoy eating together with them. Other people go to the cemeteries to clean and put flowers on the burial places of their relatives. My family celebrates Independence Day by killing animals to eat like some other families and having a party with our guests.

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