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Independence Day in Turkey

Riecep from Turkey

Turkish flag
Photo: Free Animations

Turkish flag

In every culture, there are many special holidays. Some of them belong to only one country; some of them belong to all the nationalities of the world.

Every nation has an Independence Day. In our country, Turkey, it is celebrated on the 29th of October every year. That day is important in many ways. It is an established day to celebrate the freedom of the nation. All official buildings and schools are closed.

There are celebrations in every city, especially in the capital city where there is a military show. Members of government and other officials with high degrees participate in it.

School students present shows that indicate the meaning and significance of the day. Everywhere flags and flames are carried. People enjoy singing songs.

At night, the enjoyment continues. There are fireworks and the sky is painted in colours. In brief, all of the people in the country become unique and share the same emotions. 

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