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Independence Day in Syria

Amer Joubarani from Syria

Flag of Syria
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Flag of Syria

Independence Day in Syria is celebrated on the 17th of April in my country. It is my favorite holiday because it has many significant activities, and it reminds me of my childhood. On this day, we used to have a dayoff, so we didn't have to go to school and that always made me very happy.

We used to wake up early in the morning even if we didn't go to school in order to prepare for the festival.

The fireworks and the air show were the most exciting things, so in the evening we used to go out in the street to watch the show.

While we were watching the festival, we used to get many candies and ice cream which were given for free by many companies in order to advertise their products, so at the end of the festival you could see lots of kids going back to their homes with big bags full of candies.

For me personally, this day is a very special day now because it reminds me of many happy memories. 

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