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Independence Day in Qatar

Hassan Al Hayek from Jordan

Flag of Qatar
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Flag of Qatar

Independence day in Qatar has a special place in Qatarian hearts. Qatar stops all kind of working activities for three days. On August 25, the government starts to decorate the buildings and the streets with lights and nice, well-made laser designs.

On September 1, people start celebrating by going out in the streets and dancing in a traditional way called Al Arda. On the first day of the celebration, all Qatarians go to the Royal palace in Qatar to congratulate the Amir.

This is a national holiday, so at 12 noon on the first day, the government holds a military show with the air force performing.

Around 6:00 PM, people start going to all kinds of restaurants to eat the best food in town like Mashboss, which is a mix of meat, rice, and vegetables.

This holiday is one of the most popular holidays in Qatar. People don't leave the country, but they stay together as a big family to celebrate this holiday together. 

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