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Independence Day in Peru

Aleida Loez from Peru

Flag of Peru
Photo: Free Animations

Flag of Peru

The most important holiday in my country, Peru, is Independence Day on July 28th. Our Independence Day was declared on the 26th of July, 1824 by the Liberator José de San Martin from the Spanish conquest.

On this holiday, people have two days off. It is a general celebration in the country.

The president first gives a speech in Congress to the nation. Usually most of the time he gives good news to the nation.

The next part of the celebration is a parade. Civil and military delegations such as the air force, army, navy, schools, public delegations, and the civilian population participate in the parade.

Finally, on the 29th of July everybody has a day off. Families spend the holiday enjoying and having fun together. Some of them travel to the interior of the country.

It is the most important and long holidays for me. Therefore, I look forward to it every year. I used to travel to the interior and visit new cities of my country. 

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