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Independence Day in Colombia

Danilo Quiñones from Colombia

Flag of Colombia
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Flag of Colombia


In Colombia, we have a special holiday every year. We celebrate our Independence Day to remember our history; and on this holiday, the people in Colombia don't work.

In the 19th century, 400 years after Christopher Colombus (Colon) discovered the New World (the continent of America), Colombia was governed by Spain. The people couldn't have a government place (a congress) because they were born in America.

On August 7th, 1819, the Colombian people fought the last battle at Boyaca's bridge and the patriot army won it. The Spanish army had a lot of cannons, guns, rifles, horses and soldiers. The patriot soldiers had only spades, knives, and lances (simple weapons) because they were a very poor army. They didn't have uniforms; they looked like homeless people because they had walked from Venezuela and they had crossed the Andes mountains.

A lot of soldiers died from cold temperatures and the rest were very tired, but they has a strong faith. Their commander was Simon Bolivar who liberated five countries in South America. He was born in Venezuela, but he lived many years in Colombia and died there.

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