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Pupusas, A Staple Food in El Salvador

Roxana Estrada from El Salvador

Photo: Andrew
This dish is not served in restaurants in Japan. Mothers usually cook it, and each family has its own version.

In El Salvador, our staple food is pupusas, which we generally eat at dinner on Sundays.

Pupusas are made of corn and water, and they are cooked in a stove until they are brown. It's very easy to make them though.

Pupusas taste very much like Mexican tortillas, but they are thicker than tortillas.

There are many sizes of pupusas, from little ones to big ones. It depends on how the person likes them.

They can be served with cheese, and sometimes beans and meat. They are so delicious that it is worth trying them. If you ever go to El Salvador, you should try them.  

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