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Peking Roast Duck: A Savory Chinese Dish

Sophie Ho from Taiwan

Peking Roast Duck
Photo by Star5112
Flickr Creative Commons photo
Peking Duck is prepared with a kind of fruit tree, so it has a fruity flavor and its skin is very crispy.

Hong Kong is an international city where you can find many restaurants, which serve you many different foods from different countries.

But most people there are Chinese, so Chinese food is very popular. Peking Duck, for example, is very popular.

Peking Duck is originally from Peking, which is the capital of Mainland China. It is prepared with a kind of fruit tree, so it has a fruity flavor. Its skin is very crispy.

You also eat it in a very special way. First you need to use a special bread. Then you can start your tasty meal. Usually, you cannot finish a whole Peking Duck, so you can make soup with the leftovers.

I am very fond of Peking Roast Duck. I always go to a Chinese restaurant to order this dish rather than prepare it at home because it takes some time to cook it, and you need a lot of things to prepare it.

The duck is divided into three parts and made in three different ways. The first way is the most popular. The meat is selected from the best part of the duck and is boned. Green onions and dressing are added to make it savory and a little sweet. It is served with thin crepes. You just spread the dressing on teh crepe, add some greeen onions, and roll it up.

The second way is to use the part of the duck with less meat. It can be fried with garlic, chiles, ginger or onions. A third way allows you to make use of the entire duck. You can make soup with cabbage and the duck meat with bones.

I don't usually eat duck, but I just can not refuse this dish because the meat is tender and the skin of the duck is so crispy. I think one of the reasons I like it is because I prefer roasted meat. I would recommend you try it if you want to try something different. Once you try it, you will understand why I love this dish so much. If you come to Hong Kong, you must not miss the chance to taste it.  

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