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Hallacas: A Special Venezuelan Dish

Felix from Venezuela

Photo: Perke
Flickr Creative Commons photo

This dish is not served in restaurants in Japan. Mothers usually cook it, and each family has its own version.

Venezuelan people usually cook a special dish in December. It is called hallacas. This dish is made of ground corn, meat, and vegetables. The meat can be pork, beef or chicken. Everything—the corn, meat, and vegetables—is wrapped in banana leaves.

Almost all Venezuelan families prepare this very special dish before Christmas. The families share great times and enjoy eating Hallacas the whole month of December.

It is a tradition to eat this dish on the 24th of December, which is like an Thanksgiving day.

In the countryside, people also prepare a Ponche, a beverage made of milk, eggs, sugar, and alcohol. This beverage is enjoyed as an accompaniment of Hallaca on those special days in December. 

How to Make Hallacas
Learn how to make Venezuelan hallacas by watching two YouTube videos
(In Spanish and English)

YouTube by awcesq
How to make Venezuelan Hallacas
Watch this family make hayacas.
(In Spanish and English. )

YouTube by Goodbayrum
Hallaca Venezolana

Watch another family make them.
(In Spanish!)

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