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Young Man Shows True Love

(A Malaysian Folk )

Retold by K.Y. Chin

Two hundred years ago, there was a princess named May Yee. She was born in Malaysia. She wanted to get married to a young man but he was very poor. Her mother was very angry. Her mother said, "Are you sure you want get married to him? You know, you are the prettiest girl in world." To that the princess said, "I know him. He is a good man and he loves me very much and I love him too."

One day, a dragon appeared in their town. It killed a lot of villagers. Then the Queen said whoever killed the dragon would get his wish granted by her. The young man said to the Queen that he would go. After that, he took a sword and went to kill the dragon. He was afraid, but he wanted to marry the princess. He said to her, "Don't worry about me. I plan to kill the dragon. After that we can get married." Then he went to kill the dragon. He knew the dragon was very strong and they had a war. Fortunately, the young man killed him,but he injured his hand and leg.

The princess was happy while she was crying. After that the queen agreed they could get married and they became a couple.

[This story tells about a young man who loved his girlfriend so much that he would do anything for her. He didn't even care if he would die.]

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