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The Prince and the Princess

(A Lebanese Folk Tale)

Retold by Esam Elhefian

A long time ago, there was a prince who was very brave and a great knight. There was a princess too who was very beautiful and kind. They were living in happiness in a castle. One day, a witch went to the castle and said to them "I hate you and I hate love, too, I must kill you."

"I will kill you and kill evil with you!" the prince said bravely. Then, the prince tried to kill the witch, but he wasn't able to do any thing because he changed into a fox as soon as the witch said "Prince, change into a fox." Then, the princess tried to help her love, but the witch changed her into a frog. After that, the witch took them to a prison in a tower.

After a few days, someone sent a dragon to help the prisoners. The dragon went to the witch and blew some fire from his mouth and burnt her. As soon as the witch was burnt, the prince and the princess returned to their natural selves. Finally, they lived in happiness with each other until death.

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