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A student posing as a webaholic
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A new generation addiction is quickly spreading all over the world. Weboholism, a twentieth century disease, affects people of different ages.


Webaholism: A New Addiction

A. Hakan Tuncer from Turkey

A. Hakan Tuncer describes a modern day addiction to computers.

A "new generation" addiction is quickly spreading all over the world. Weboholism, a twentieth century disease, affects people from different ages. They surf the net, use e-mail, and speak in chat rooms. They spend many hours on the computer, and it becomes a compulsive habit. They can not stop, and it affects their lives.

Ten years ago, no one thought that using computers could become compulsive behavior that could affect the social and physical life of computer users. This obsessional behavior has affected teenagers and college students. They are likely to log on computers and spend long hours at different websites.

They become hooked on computers and gradually their social and school life is affected by this situation. They spend all free time surfing and don't concentrate on homework, so this addiction influences their grades and success at school. Because they can find everything on the websites, they "hang out" there. Moreover, this addiction to websites influences their social life.

They spend more time in front of computers than with their friends. The relation with their friends changes. The virtual life becomes more important than their real life. They have a new language that they speak in the chat rooms and it causes cultural changes in the sane society.

Because of the change in their behavior, they begin to isolate themselves from the society and live with their virtual friends. They share their emotions and feelings with "friends" who they have never met in their life. Although they feel confident on the computer, they are not confident with real live friends they have know all their life. It is a problem for the future. This addictive behavior is beginning to affect all the world.

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