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Unforgettable Experiences

Some experiences are so special that they can't be forgotten. They leave a lasting impact on people. Students from Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, and Japan share their memorable experiences.



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Part of the Berlin Wall

I Had a Whale of a Time
Semih Deliveli from Turkey went whale watching in New England and found it a moving and memorable expererience.

Hallucination on the High Seas
Etienne Nicolas Creux from Switzerland writes about an incredible experience he had while sailing on the high seas between England and southern Ireland.

Reaching the Top of the Mountain
Ji-Youn Joung from Korea remembers an unforgettable climb he made with his father. It taught him valuable lessons on life that he will always remember.

The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Momke Rockman from Germany was not there to witness the fall of the Berlin Wall; nonetheless, that memorable event left a lasting impression on her.

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