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He shouted, "Leave me alone!"
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I put my hand in front of the monitor, and he started to shout, "Leave me alone!"


He Belonged to the Net

Marcelo Cadena from Ecuador

Marcelo Cadena has written an imaginary short story about a webaholic named Steve.

I was walking around. It was cold and it started to rain. I was looking for a restaurant or a café where I could sit and have something to drink, when I saw one. I crossed the street and I was there. I sat at a round table and asked for a coffee.

While I was waiting for my beverage, I realized that there were other people in the place, but I felt their loneliness. I saw their bodies, but I couldn't feel their souls. That was because their souls didn't belong to them; instead they belonged to the Net. I stood up and walked between the tables. When I came to the biggest computer, I saw a thin, small man sitting in front of it.

"I'm Steve", he answered after I asked him a couple of times what his name was. "I can't talk with you. I'm busy", he said. I thought he was working, and I apologized. He didn't say anything. Before going back to my seat, I wanted to see what he was doing, so I stood behind him. He was not working. He was chatting online with somebody—probably someone he didn't know—and, at the same time, he was playing a computer game—a war game. I was surprised. Why didn't Steve want to talk with me?

I tried again to communicate with that computer geek, but not a word came out of his mouth. I touched his shoulder, but there was no reaction. I was getting upset. I put my hand in front of the monitor, and he started to shout, "Leave me alone!" I took a few steps back. I was ashamed. I wanted to look and see if all those people in the café were looking at me, so I raised my head, but there was nobody interested in what was happening.

I walked back to my table, and I noticed everybody was using the computers. At this moment I realized the people in that place were having a cup of coffee and a nice conversation with their machines. All of them were more interested, particularly Steve, in having a relationship with the computer.

I wouldn't want to imagine the future of human beings if they preferred sharing their lives with machines instead of with people. I was worried and I sank in my thoughts. I didn't even realize that the coffee was bad, just as Steve didn't even realize that there was a person next to him.

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