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Hooked on Shopping

Lourdes Joza from Ecuador

Lourdes Joza writes about shopaholics people who are addicted to shopping. She addresses the question, "Why do they have this addiction."

A shopahollic
Photo: T. Peters
They really like shopping and usually buy things that they don't need.


Over the years, shopping has become a very common activity. Many people enjoy going to malls or stores more and more everyday, but it's more than a common hobby for some of them. They have turned into shopaholics. They are people who simply enjoy shopping and walking around spending money without being able to stop doing it.

Shopaholics, also called compulsive spenders, are people like any addicted people who are hooked on something. They are hooked on shopping. They really like shopping and usually buy things that they don't need. Even though they don't have enough money, they buy everything they want.

The question is: why do they have this addiction? There isn't a specific answer. Some people go shopping when they are sad, worried, upset or lonely and they want to feel better. They use this activity as a way to forget their problems. Shopholics say that they feel more important and better after they buy something.

They also tend to have this addiction when they feel guilty. For example, a husband might buy very expensive presents for his family to try to make up for his lack of love for them.

We are used to thinking that women enjoy shopping more than men; but according to some studies, that's not true. Men really like shopping because they feel they have power and control. They get whatever they want. Also, men usually buy big items while women spend their money on clothes, cosmetics, decorations for their houses, or things for family.

Shopaholism seems to be a harmless addiction, but the fact is it can cause many problems. Some of them can be psychological; and in that case, people addicted to shopping should go to a support group or learn about behavior therapies to help them break this habit. However, the process, like for most addictions, is long, and they suffer a lot. It can also cause financial problems.

I think these are very harmful because they don't even worry if they have enough money to afford what they want. They just think about satisfying their feelings, so they spend money they don't have. They get deep in debt, and they can even go bankrupt and get sent to jail.

In conclusion, if you are a person who enjoys shopping, be careful. Try to control yourself. The power of the mind is great, and if you make a few efforts, you will be able to avoid this addiction. Next time you go shopping, stop a second and think about it. Examine your shopping habits. Later might be too late.

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