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Word Power: Words to talk and write about addictions

Words and Expressions

. addiction

. to be addicted to

. addict

. addictive


. to be (get)hooked on

. to kick a habit

. to overcome an addiction


Internet addiction is a problem.

He is addicted to computer games.

He is a real television addict.

Gambling can become addictive.


She is hooked on gambling.

He smokes, but he wants to
kick the habit.

It is difficult to overcome
an addiction.

He's a pachinkoholic
He's a pachinkoholic.
He tried to overcome this addiction, but it's hard to break the habit.


She's a chocoholic.
I think she's a
chocoholic. She seems addicted to chocolate.


She's a shopaholic.
She is definitely
a shopaholic. It is clear she is hooked on shopping.

Using suffixes (word endings) to make nouns:

You can use the endings -oholic or -aholic to say a person is an addict.

. alcoholic

. workaholic

. shopaholic

. webaholic

. chocoholic

You can use the ending -ism to name some addictions.

. alcoholism

. workaholism

. shopaholism

. webaholism

Some adjectives used to describe an addict:

. addicted to

. compulsive

. dependent (on)

. hooked on - addicted to


He is addicted to the Internet.

She is a compulsive shopper.


He is dependent on alcohol.

She's hooked on chocolate.

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