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Working Teens

Should teenage students work or not?

What should be the first priority of teens? Is it a good idea for them to take part- or full-time jobs while still in school? Some people feel working part-time teaches teens valuable life skills. Others worry that overworked teens will not perform well in school.Opinions about teenagers working while in school differ worldwide.

Writers from Colombia, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Brazil, and Germany discuss this issue.

Teen Workers Need Rules
Mariela Rojas from Colombia

Study First, Work Later
Hieu Cao from Vietnam

Students working part-time in Japan
Students in Japan


Working Provides Good Experience
Hiromi Yonemoto from Japan

It's Unusual for Teens to Work in Korea
Hyol Chol Kwak from Korea

It's Common for Teens to Work in Brazil
Vivien Yoshikawa from Brazil

My Concerns about Working Teens
Mömke Rockmann from Germany

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