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What Family Means to Me

Caroline Behne from Germany

Caroline Behne writes about how important her family is to her.

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You have fun with your family no matter what you do.


In a family you can talk about anything. You can tell them everything because they are like your best friends. You have fun with your family no matter what you do.
Even if there is a fight or a misunderstanding, you have to tolerate each person because when you fight with someone, you notice now much you miss that person and how much you love that person. You just can't live without that person.

If you go shopping with your mother, you see her just like a friend. Or if you go and have lunch with your father, he is also a friend of yours. Or, if you do something with your brothers, they are also like your friends.

I think it is very important that you have a family because you are learning so many things. You learn to live with other people, you learn to share things, and you learn to show consideration for someone. I just can't live without my family because I would miss them so much. I would even miss the mistakes they make.

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