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Today's Genetically-Engineered Food

Genetically-engineered fruit
Tastier, better-tasting, and longer lasting food

The foods of our future

Breakthroughs in science are changing the way people produce food. Scientists are producing better-tasting, better-looking and longer-lasting food. Some people love it, but other people fear this new food may not be safe.

Voices in Favor of Genetically Engineering Food
Martín Ramírez from Argentina, Vera Sirotkina from Russia
Angela Fernández from Mexico

Fears about the Genetic Manipulation of Food
Véronique Schlumberger from France

A Simulated Letter Writing Campaign:
A Call for Labeling Genetically-Engineered Food
Véronique Schlumberger from France, Pinar Müftler from Turkey
Woradej Rinswongkawong from Thailand, Vera Sirotkina from Russia

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