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Traditional Japanese Arts

Observing Time-Honored Ways of Doing Things
Take a look at some traditional arts which are still practiced in
many Japanese high schools.

Kyudo, Japanese archery
Photo: Thomas Peters

Kyudo, The Way of the Bow
Megumu Matoba tell us about Japanese archery. He describes the shape and use of the bow traditionally used
in Japan.

Training for kendo
Photo: Thomas Peters

The Challenge of Kendo
Mariko Yamaguchi describes her feelings about training for kendo, Japanese fencing performed with bamboo sticks.

Koto, a traditional Japanese musical instrument
Photo: Thomas Peters

Koto, a Traditional Musical Instrument
Michiko Takaiwa explains how the koto is played and tells about its history.

How the Koto Became Popular
Sachiko Hosoyamada from Japan writes about the popularity of the koto.

Chado, Japanese tea ceremony Chado, Japanese tea ceremony
Photo: Thomas Peters

Chado, the Way of Tea

Yoshiko Tagawa discusses the beauty of the spirit underlying the traditional Japanese tea ceremony and the way the ceremony is regarded in Japan today.

Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging
Photo: Thomas Peters

Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arranging

Etsuko Sakamoto says the traditional Japanese art of flower arranging expresses the harmony and beauty of life.

Hyaku-Nin-Isshu, a Japanese card game about poems
Photo: Thomas Peters

Hyaku-Nin-Isshu, a Card Game
Yuko Fuji writes about this traditional card game based on Japanese poems.

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