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Interviews: How would you like to be cloned?

We asked three Japanese students how they would feel about being cloned. Here's what they said.

Kuichiro Nomura from Japan
As a first impression, this is so strange. It would be difficult to have a conversation with him. I would know the 'other me's' personality, characteristics, attitudes, behavior, and ideas. So, talking to each other would be meaningless. Maybe it would take a long time to have a good relationship with him. I suppose someday we would be able to have a good relationship, but I think it would take a long time.

Ayumi Ono from Japan
If there were two of me, I'd feel strange and uncomfortable because there are no humans who have a duplicate of themselves. It's very strange. If the cloned person had the same ideas as me and the same thinking, it would be scary to meet such a person. I think it is not important to create the same person because I AM HERE!

Yusuke Hara from Japan
If there is the same me, I'm interested in looking at my copy because he is the exact same me. I could look at him and know who I am. It might be a problem because scientists might use this clone for experiements like rats are used in experiments.

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