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Traditional Children's Games from Mexico

Students at the Universidad Tecnológica de la Mixteca explain how children in their country have traditionally played games in the past often still do today.

Playing with a yoyo
Photo: Sandy Peters
Young children in Mexico with a yoyo

Atrapadas - Catch
Photo: Sandy Peters
Help, she's going to catch me!

Photo: Sandy Peters
Baleros, traditional toys in Mexico

Avion (Hopscotch)

Escondidas (Hide and Seek)

La Cuerda (Jump Rope)

Atrapadas (Catch)

La Gallinita Ciega (The Blind Hen)

Piedra, Papel o Tijeras
(Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Games Played with Toys

El Balero (A Ball and Cup Game)

El Yoyo (Yoyo)

Canicas (Marbles)

La Pirinola
(A Dice Game)

Games with Songs

El Patio de Mi Casa
(The Patio of My House)

A La Vibora de la Mar
(London Bridges)

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