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A Close Call: I Fell Though the Ice

Jang Gyu Cheol from Korea

Jang Gyu Cheol
Photo: Thomas Peters
After falling through the ice, Jang Gyu hasn't gone ice skating again, but he is getting into skiing.

When I was eleven years old, I had a big accident. I get scared even now when I think about that time. I went skating near my house. There were many people, and I saw some of them were falling on the ice.

It was my first time to go ice skating, so I was nervous. I was wondering how to skate.

I went with a friend who was very skillful. He spent some time teaching me how to scate, but I didn't learn much. He left me and skated all around. As soon as he left, I fell down. I envied the other people because they could skate very well.

I was bored because I kept falling so I took off my skates and just walked around on the ice in my shoes. It was cold and my hands were frozen.

Suddenly, I stepped on something that was not hard. What was it? It was a weak place in the ice. When I stepped there, I sank under the ice. I thought that I was going to die, but I did my best to grab something to get out from under the ice. I tried to grab the edge of the ice, but it was very difficult for an eleven-year old.

It seemed like a very long time, like a year. Then, fortunately, someone helped me. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up. So, I lived and I'm still alive today.

I thanked him. At that time, my friend came back. I was annoyed at him because he was supposed to take care of me, but he didn't. He was embarrassed. When took a taxi home, the taxi driver was surprised and asked what had happened. I didn't want to say anything because I was tired and scared. Even now, whenever I think about that time, I feel uncomfortable. I don't want to go skating again even now.

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