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School Uniforms are Not Necessary

Kwang Tran from Thailand

Kwang Tran
Photo: S. Peters
No matter what students wear, they can study and learn, and this is the goal of going to school and being a student.


I think it's not necessary for high school students to wear uniforms when they go to school. I know that wearing uniforms is good because it shows the uniqueness of each school and makes students look neat. Furthermore, parents of students who wear uniforms may be proud when other people see their children wearing the uniform of a famous school.

However, when you look at the oppoosite side, you will see many disadvantages of wearing uniforms. One disadvantage is the cost. If students have to wear uniforms when they go to school, that means their parents must pay money for clothes which actually aren't necessary.

In addition, wearing uniforms creates problems for parents. Uniforms are difficult to clean because they are usually white. Because of their color, students also have to worry about getting them dirty when they play or eat. This certainly makes them unhappy.

If schools want to be unique, I think they should focus on making their students good people and excellent students, rather than requiring them to wear uniforms. 

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