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Street Stands in our Countries

Students describe popular stands in their countries where you can buy all kinds of things from food to picture books—stands popular today and in the past.

Photo: Sandy Peters
Taco stand in Mexico

Photo: Sandy Peters

Food stand in Korea

Photo: Thomas Peters
Ice cream stand in Bolivia

Food Stands

Hot Food Stands in Korea
Hye-Mi Cho from Korea

The Mood of Korean Food Stands
Yong-Jun Jo (Ocean) from Korea

Fish Stands at the Turkish Seaside
Kerim Yuksel from Turkey

A Night Market Food Stand in Taiwan
Hui-Yuan Chen from Taiwan

A News Stand

Anything Can Happen at
a Brazilian News Stand
Bruna Silveira from Brazil

A Picture Story Book Stand

Picture Story Book Stands in China
Jack Qian from China

A Lottery Stand

Korean Lottery Stands
Hyo Jai Han from Korea

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