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The World of Smells

Smells, odors, fragrances...all reach directly into our emotions and our memories. A whiff of smoke can frighten us, the sniff of a favorite perfume can excite us, the smell of a fragrance can cause us to buy a product, and the smell of a favorite food can evoke a childhood memory.

sniffing a flower

Welcome to the World of Smells!
Javier Quintero from Colombia

It Makes Sense to Use Scents
Martha Lleveret from Colombia

Fragrance Industry Tactics
Graciela Flores Alvarez from Mexico

Manipulation by Smell
Samantha Wynter from Mexico

Smells can evoke
childhood memories

Lost in the Market
Chen Kung Yi from Taiwan

Standing There in the Corral
Jose Guillermo Davila from Mexico

The Signal to Go Back Home
Youngil Seo from Korea

It Woke Up Our Hunger!
Samantha Wynter from Mexico

Until I Smell Pines!
Graciela Flores Alvarez from Mexico

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Smells can change
the moods of places

Better Smells for Hospitals
Youngil Seo from Korea

The Smell of a Dentist's Office
Satoe Suyama from Japan

Using Scents in Night Clubs
Samantha Wynter from Mexico

Smell on the computer
Smells Will Enter
Our Homes

Nina Stoianov from France

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