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The Mexican Cinderella Story

Retold by Samantha Wynter from Mexico

Once upon a time in a little town, there was a beautiful, but poor girl named "Cenicienta." She was an orphan, but she lived with her aunt. Her aunt was mean. Cenicienta was like a maid; she did everything in the hluse and also served her two cousins.

One day, there was a big formal party in the palace because the prince had to choose a woman to marry. Cenicienta wanted to go to the party and with her most precious treasure, she bought a dress, but her pursuits were thwarted when the mean aunt destroyed that dress.

Cenicienta was really sad, sweeping all the time; but then a fairy appeared to grant her a great wish. The fairy took some old rags and turned them into a beautiful white dress.

Then the fairy took a pumpkin and turned it into a shiny silver charriot. She went to the party without her aunt's permission. At the party, the prince was shocked to see such a pretty beauty, and he fell in love immediately. Cenicienta remembered that her wishes would disappear at twelve o' clock, and it was almost midnight, so she went running to her aunt's house without an explanation or telling her name to the prince. She lost her slipper as she ran away.

The prince started to look for Cenicienta, and all the girls of the town tried on the slipper that Cinderella lost on the stairs of the castle. In the end, he found her, they married and lived happily forever.

Explanation of this story
Beauty can be very important in life.

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